Raw Materials Required for Biomass Briquetting

Agricultural wastes are generated million of tons every year. These are either none used of burnt inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. Handling and transportation of these materials is also very difficult due to their low density. We provide the solution to use this wastage in best form. This wastage can easily convert into high-density fuel (Briquettes) with the help of Biomass Briquetting Plant.
All Materials containing lignite and cellulose are suitable for densification. Successful tests have been carried out with a variety of materials from:

Forest Waste such as:

Sander Dust, Secondary Pieces of Wood, Tree Bark and Twigs Pine Needles Wild Grass, Leaves.

Agriculture and Food Industries:

Musturd Husk,Husks of coffee, sunflower, rice husk, shells of ground nut, almond & cotton stalks, bagasse of sugarcane, Leaves and trash.
Above sectors can be briquetted individually or in combination depending on their availability and blending properties.
In India & other agro based Countries have lots of scope for this project due to huge availability of Biomass.

Specification Of Raw Materials

Size : Max. 20mm.
Moisture : Lies Between 5% to 20%

Raw Materials